Beta-Light – Light Cabinets 19″

Cabinets 19″ Beta-Light is an economical version of cabinets Beta, which retain their full functionality. Cabinets are ready for direct mounting and their design provides the ability to configure the door, and how to set both on a pedestal or on legs.

Beta-Light is an optimal solution for server cabinets with a wide range of applications.

Light Cabinets 19″


  • lightweight, efficient closet framework
  • adapted for mounting cooling panels in the floor and roof
  • the possibility of installing brush cable entries in shield back, floor and roof
  • made of sheet metal DC01, powder-coated
  • 1 pair of beams in a standard rack
U x 44,45 MM
dimensions (mm) Door type Catalog
width depth full with
W S G      
24U 1149 600 600 x     BETAL-24U-66-B-DP
  x   BETAL-24U-66-B-DS
    x BETAL-24U-66-B-DPRF
600 800 x     BETAL-24U-68-B-DP
  x   BETAL-24U-68-B-DS
    x BETAL-24U-68-B-DPRF
800 800 x     BETAL-24U-88-B-DP
  x   BETAL-24U-88-B-DS
    x BETAL-24U-88-B-DPRF
32U 1570 600 600 x     BETAL-32U-66-B-DP
  x   BETAL-32U-66-B-DS
    x BETAL-32U-66-B-DPRF
600 800 x     BETAL-32U-68-B-DP
  x   BETAL-32U-68-B-DS
    x BETAL-32U-68-B-DPRF
800 800 x     BETAL-32U-88-B-DP
  x   BETAL-32U-88-B-DS
    x BETAL-32U-88-B-DPRF
38U 1836 600 600 x     BETAL-38U-66-B-DP
  x   BETAL-38U-66-B-DS
    x BETAL-38U-66-B-DPRF
600 800 x      BETAL-38U-68-B-DP 38U
  x   BETAL-38U-68-B-DS
    x BETAL-38U-68-B-DPRF
800 800 x     BETAL-38U-88-B-DP
  x   BETAL-38U-88-B-DS
    x BETAL-38U-88-B-DPRF
42U 2000 600 600 x     BETAL-42U-66-B-DP
  x   BETAL-42U-66-B-DS
    x BETAL-42U-66-B-DPRF
600 800 x     BETAL-42U-68-B-DP
  x   BETAL-42U-68-B-DS
    x BETAL-42U-68-B-DPRF
800 800 x     BETAL-42U-88-B-DP
  x   BETAL-42U-88-B-DS
    x BETAL-42U-88-B-DPRF