Delta – Industrial cabinets


Sabaj-System Delta Cabinets is a comprehensive solution for power distribution systems and industrial automation. Their use also applies to industrial control equipment and power engineering. Modern frame construction allows for easy installation of the fitted mounting plate, easy installation of the side walls and the ability to move the door from left to right. Thanks to the design of the Delta Cabinet, you can comfortably install one installer without any additional help.


The construction is made of 1.5mm and 2.0mm thick sheet steel. Perforated profiles are welded horizontally inside the frame for easy installation. Delta cabinets with a single door have IP 65 protection and double IP 54 doors. For cabinets with a width of more than 1000m, only double doors are installed.

Exemplary use of the DELTA cabinet – installation of capacitor banks for reactive power compensation:


Industrial cabinets





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