FibeRpt – House Multimedia Enclosure

FibeRpt is designed to be an installation center for local, satellite, or CC (industrial TV) television, as well as telephone, LAN or optical fiber cables.
The main purpose of FibeRPT is to achieve maximal integration and simplification of every telecommunication device in one spot.

– plastic frame,
– steel door and frame
– snap fastened lock
– power strip with 3 230V sockets
– perforated montage plate
– “keystone” universal sockets

House Multimedia Enclosure

Type FibeRpt 25 FibeRpt 38 FibeRpt 53
Height (W) [mm] 250 380 530
Width (S) [mm] 295 295 295
Depth (G)[mm] 90 90 90
Body height (Wk) [mm] 297 422 567
Body width (Sk) [mm] 340 340 340
Number of power sockets 1 1 1
Number of modules 18 18 18

Any configuration of the number and types of connections through universal keystone jack also available in our shop.

Comply with the Regulation of the Minister of Transport, Construction and Maritime Economy of 06.11.2012 regarding telecommunications boxes housing necessary for newly built buildings.