Multi-Alfa – House Multimedia Enclosure

Multi-Alfa is designed to be an installation center for local, satellite, or CC (industrial TV) television, as well as telephone, LAN or optical fiber cables.
The main purpose of Multi-Alfa enclosure is to achieve maximal integration and simplification of every telecommunication device in one spot. MultiAlpha with its plastic construction is distinguished by simplicity of construction, light weight, a large installation space, while maintaining high product quality.

– Perforated
mounting plate
universal keystone jack
– latch closure
– non flammable case

House Multimedia Enclosure

(Polski) multialfa


Zgodne z rozporządzeniem MINISTRA TRANSPORTU, BUDOWNICTWA I GOSPODARKI MORSKIEJ z 06.11.2012 odnośnie telekomunikacyjnych skrzynek mieszkaniowych – Koniecznych w nowo powstałych budynkach