RPTN – Enclosures with INOX doors

Flush-mounted ,low voltage indoor enclosures designed for 12 up to 36 device modules. Possible installation in brick and plaster walls. Enclosures can be connected in sets using special connectors.

Installation: flush-mounted
Exploitation conditions: air humidity up to ÷ 50%
Ambient temperature: max. 40°C min. -5°C

Part of enclosure, designed for installing devices, is made of nonflammable modified plastic material. Enclosures have detachable stainless frames with doors.

Electrical metering:
Continous nominal current: In ≤ 100 A
Nominal switching voltage: Un = 400 V
Isolation nominal voltage: Ui = 500 V
Protection class: II
Protection level: IP30


Enclosures with INOX doors


Type Version Number
of modules
Dimensions Catalog
with latch with lock width height depth
RPT12 X 12 295 257 90 5-393-SS
X 5-397-SS
RPT24 X 24 295 382 90 5-394-SS
X 5-398-SS
RPT36 X 36 295 532 90 5-395-SS
X 5-399-SS