ACE – Self-Installed 19’’ Enclosure

The ACE enclosures are a perfect choice for the installation of servers and other teleinformatic devices in 19’’ standard. Very high durability (up to 1500 kg capacity), and ease of transport (3 cartons), along with fast and simple montage allows varied applications.

Design Description:

  • foldable carrying framework
  • Full set of required screws and locks
  • In enclosures with up to 800 mm depth – two pairs of montage plates 19’’
  • In enclosures above 800 mm depth – three pairs of montage plates 19’’
  • Various configurations of doors, and side walls available for chosen enclosure size

Self-Installed 19’’ Enclosure


(Polski) ACE-4 ACE-5 ACE-6 ACE-7 ACE-8 ACE-9 ACE-10 ACE-2 ACE-3