SWK-D IP54 – hanging cabinets 19″

Split Cabinets with increased tightness, perfect for high dust level environment or high humidity environment. Recommended for installation in production halls, or places with direct access to external conditions. Cabinets for external use possess a rubber seal and are covered with a special under coater thus providing high resistance for atmospheric conditions. Sealed back wall on durable hinges allows for an easy access to the elements installed deep in the cabinet.

Hanging cabinets 19

Design Description:

  • Made of steel sheet DC01
  • Polyurethane seal (indoor use) or rubber seal (external use)
  • 24 slots with 29mm diameter on the top and bottom of the cabinet
  • blockade of the back wall opening
  • 2 filter inserts
  • External use version has a spot for padlock and is covered with anticorrosive under coat





dimensions [mm] Capacity
version Application Catalog number
width depth full door door
with window
inside outside
6U 335 600 400
60 X   X   SWKD19-6U-40-DP-W
X     X SWKD19-6U-40-DP-Z
  X X   SWKD19-6U-40-DS-W
  X   X SWKD19-6U-40-DS-Z
X   X   SWKD19-6U-60-DP-W
X     X SWKD19-6U-60-DP-Z
  X X   SWKD19-6U-60-DS-W
  X   X SWKD19-6U-60-DS-Z
9U   470 600  400
    60  X    X   SWKD19-9U-40-DP-W
 X      X SWKD19-9U-40-DP-Z
  X  X   SWKD19-9U-40-DS-W
   X   X SWKD19-9U-40-DS-Z
X    X   SWKD19-9U-60-DP-W
X     X SWKD19-9U-60-DP-Z
   X  X   SWKD19-9U-60-DS-W
   X   X SWKD19-9U-60-DS-Z
   12U            605 600    400
     60   X    X   SWKD19-12U-40-DP-W
 X      X SWKD19-12U-40-DP-Z
  X  X   SWKD19-12U-40-DS-W
  X    X SWKD19-12U-40-DS-Z

 X    X   SWKD19-12U-60-DP-W
 X      X SWKD19-12U-60-DP-Z
   X  X   SWKD19-12U-60-DS-W
   X    X SWKD19-12U-60-DS-Z
      15U     737
600  400

   60  X    X   SWKD19-15U-40-DP-W
 X     X SWKD19-15U-40-DP-Z
   X X   SWKD19-15U-40-DS-W
   X    X SWKD19-15U-40-DS-Z

 X    X   SWKD19-15U-60-DP-W
 X      X SWKD19-15U-60-DP-Z
   X  X   SWKD19-15U-60-DS-W
   X    X SWKD19-15U-60-DS-Z
  18U         870      600

     60  X    X   SWKD19-18U-40-DP-W
 X     X SWKD19-18U-40-DP-Z
  X X   SWKD19-18U-40-DS-W
   X    X SWKD19-18U-40-DS-Z

 X    X   SWKD19-18U-60-DP-W
 X      X SWKD19-18U-60-DP-Z
   X  X   SWKD19-18U-60-DS-W
   X    X SWKD19-18U-60-DS-Z